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Are You In The Clear After Taking the Shots?

 Are You In The Clear After Taking the Shots? 

So many people have woken up after the event. Many now questioning the side effects of the shots. 

~ Craig Paardekooper,


“I took the shot 1-2 years ago and haven’t felt anything from it since, does that mean I probably didn’t get a shot from the toxic 5% batches ?”


1. What % of Batches Were Toxic? :

In the Danish study it was found that there is a 4% chance of getting a the high toxicity batch, a 63 % chance it was medium toxic and a 33% chance it was placebo.

See % of batches with high toxicity (

2. How Many Jabs Did You Take? :

The effect of the jabs is cumulative. If you have had multiple jabs then you are at greater risk. increased mortality is 5% after 1 jab, 10% after 2, 18%+ after 3.

See Excess mortality vs number of jabs (

3. Did You Have a Reaction ? :

If you have had absolutely no reaction at all - not even any temporary reaction at the injection site or any redness, irritation, swelling or fever then what ever was injected behaved inertly like a placebo.

If you had any physical reaction at all - no matter how small or temporary - then it was not a placebo but must have been biologically active and therefore of medium toxicity.

4. How Long Ago Did You Take the Jab ? :

Most injuries or deaths occur soon after the jab. This means that as time passes, the probability of having an adverse reaction decreases.

See Time until onset (

5. What Happened to Other People ? :

Besides the absence of any reaction you should see if anyone reported any bad reactions for your batch . If no one reported anything then this decreases the probability even further still that your batch was a toxic one.

See Lot Search (

So there is only a 4% chance you had a high toxicity batch.

• If you only took one jab rather than multiple, then your chances are improved.

• If you took your jab a long time ago, then your chances are improved.

• If you have had no reaction to the jab, then your chances are improved.

• If no one else has had bad reactions with your lot number, then your chances are improved.


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