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Let's talk about Eris (EG5) and Boosters


Not the Greek goddess of strife and discord, the SARS-CoV-2 variant!

Yipes! HUGE increase in daily new cases of COVID!

Stop the presses! Masks! Lockdowns! Election crisis! (oops, not supposed to say that last one yet).

July 11 2023 we were at 7,548 new COVID cases per day across the entire USA, and on August 30 we were at 14,097 new cases! OMG! That is almost a 100% increase (2 x 7,548 = 15,096)! What about daily deaths associated with COVID? Oh. Only 41. About 0.3% case fatality rate. Far less than 1%, as Mr. Trump was ridiculed for saying so long ago in early 2020. And those are not deaths FROM COVID, they are deaths WITH COVID. Very different. Those 41 may well have really died from car accidents or gunshots or cancers or just plain old age, but happened to have had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test.

The graph below shows what the CDC has to say about all respiratory infectious disease deaths combined. Note that they bundle Pneumonia, Influenza and COVID as a new disease category called “PIC”. Probably because it is hard to tell the difference in many cases. But if you subtract Influenza coded deaths and COVID-19 coded deaths from the total, it appears that we may actually have a modest surge in pneumonia (not otherwise specified) deaths. Maybe corporate media should focus on those pneumonia deaths that are not attributed to the flu or to COVID?

but… BORING… Doesn’t fit the narrative. Or doesn’t fit the marketing campaign of their pharmaceutical industry sponsors. Same thing.

Just for reference, because it is important to have context, USA deaths from opioids (like fentanyl) are running in the range of 200-300 per day. But I guess that is also too boring for the corporate media propagandists to push. If only fentanyl overdoses were infectious, now THAT would sell advertising!

So, is this a crisis which merits masking, lockdowns, and non-stop COVIDcrisis fearporn from the national corporate media together with various government and pharmaceutical “experts”.

In short, no.

Focusing back on the promoted COVIDcrisis fear.

First we had Scott Gottleib, formerly of the FDA, currently from Pfizer’s board of directors (and also a CIA consultant) pushing the new Pfizer booster for a related (older, outdated) variant while pushing fear of BA.2.86 on what is clearly a “Face The Nation” set up. Here is a copy of the transcript for those who want to see the receipts. The Gottleib/FTN hit was clearly an advertisement for an unlicensed product (that has not even been reviewed by the FDA) by a physician acting as an agent of the company. Which, by the way, is illegal.

But advertising like this by agents of Pfizer and Moderna has become routine, and there will not be any consequences. Dr. Gottleib reassures us that the (already outdated) booster currently in development will protect against this new variant. Which is yet another case of an unsubstantiated “forward looking statement” being made during a period of falling market capitalization.

Neutralizing antibodies in mice are not a correlate of protection from COVID or SARS-CoV-2 infection. Neutralizing antibodies in humans are also not a proven correlate of protection. This is yet more garbage scientism, using the same scientific jargon sleight of hand that the “vaccine” manufacturers have been using throughout the COVIDcrisis. But scientifically illiterate, ignorant, bought off corporate media talking heads just lap it up like a kitten with a bowl of milk. Oohh, big sciency words from an “expert” whose claim to fame is that he was a head bureaucrat in a federal agency. Hello, SEC? Anyone home? I guess we should watch whether Nancy Pelosi puts a buy on Pfizer.

In my opinion, “Face The Nation” should have just dropped the charade and bracketed the segment below with a “sponsored by Pfizer” clip.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I want to start on some news we got Thursday. The CDC announced a highly-mutated strain of COVID has just shown up in Michigan BA.2.86. How concerned does the public need to be?

DR. GOTTLIEB: Well, right now I- I've talked to a number of virologists who are usually pretty staid, and they're pretty concerned about this. Right now, it doesn't appear to be spreading widely. There is seven strains that have been identified and sequenced in five different countries so the UK, Denmark, Israel, and now in the U.S. We don't know whether or not this has been spreading quietly, and we just didn't detect it, or it's something that's spreading very quickly. The concern is that when you look at these different strains that have been identified, they're genetically very similar so that suggests that it's probably spreading simultaneously in multiple countries. Whether or not this is going to be more transmissible than what we've seen before, that's the key question. Certainly, at this point, it doesn't appear more pathogenic so it doesn't appear to be more dangerous, but it may be more transmissible than the strains that are circulating now. And in that case, it could overtake them. It's too early to know. The testing's underway. I think we're going to know a lot more in a week or two. But to again put this in perspective, this new variant is as genetically different from Omicron as Omicron was from the original strain that emerged in Wuhan so this is a highly-mutated variant.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, for those strains there is a booster shot that I know Pfizer has talked about coming to market soon. It's still not available. When do we expect it? And does it protect against these variants? 

DR. GOTTLIEB: Right, so the data looks like the new booster, which is based on BA.1.15, which was the strain that emerged last spring looks like it will protect against these new variants. Now, my guess is these new variants, this infection rate from this wave of infection from EG.5 is going to be coming down by the time the new vaccine is available, which is going to be mid-September. So September 12 has been the date that they've talked about, but it's going to be some point in mid-September that these will be widely accessible in pharmacies and other health departments and so people can go out and get it. There's studies underway right now, what's called neutralization studies, basically laboratory studies to look at whether the new vaccine also covers this BA.2.86 variant that you talked about at the top of the show, and we'll have that data by the time the new vaccines become available. So by the time these are out in September, consumers will know how well it covers that new variant. We'll also probably know whether or not it's spreading. 

Lots of words talking around the fact that the manufacturers cannot keep up with the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 under the evolutionary pressure of leaky “vaccines” which express or include the toxic Spike protein as the principle antigen, largely because of the selection pressure of the leaky vaccines themselves. Under this selection pressure, SARS-CoV-2 is mutating and evolving much more rapidly than is typically seen with (common cold) Beta-Coronaviruses.

Prove me wrong, “factcheckers” and defenders of the approved narrative. I dare you.

So when is the general public going to start demanding that the US government and other governments get off of this Pfizer/Moderna <and Novavax> COVIDvax cash cow merry-go-round? Not holding my breath until that event happens.

I previously cross-posted Dr. Byram Bridle’s essay on BA.2.86, otherwise known as Pirola. The variant that Dr. Gottleib opens his segment by trying to scare us about. “I've talked to a number of virologists who are usually pretty staid, and they're pretty concerned about this.”

Well, I have talked to a number of virologists, including myself, and they are unconcerned. As a matter of fact, “unconcerned” is pretty much the consensus now, just a couple of weeks later after Dr. Gottleib’s Pfizer advertisement.

Byram claims BA.2.86 was named after an asteroid near the planet Venus, others assert that Pirola is Spanish slang for penis. Being neither an astronomer nor a student of risque Spanish langue slang, I can neither confirm nor deny. However, having been trained in molecular virology and vaccinology, I can absolutely confirm that Byram knows what he is talking about. In short, Byram’s expert opinion on Pirola matches that of Dr. David Dowdy…

Some public health experts caution against reading too much into the new variant.

We don’t want to be sounding alarm bells over a variant that is just as likely to die out as it is to become the next big thing,” says David Dowdy, a professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “If we did that for every single variant we’d be sounding alarm bells every single day.”

What about EG5/Eris?

Lots of chatter circulating more recently about the SARS-CoV-2 variant EG5, otherwise known as Eris (named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord). In this case, the naming seems pretty appropriate. EG5 is a subvariant of Omicron. Just like XBB.1.5 (“Kraken”) was. Remember how lethal the ominously named Kraken was? How can anyone forget the people dying on the streets, mass graves, and refrigerator truck morgues- all over the world? Oh yeah, nothing like that happened.

EG5 is not a new major variant. Clinically speaking, it mostly behaves like Omicron. Which is to say that, unless you are one of those who dutifully receives inoculation after inoculation of Pfizer or Moderna’s leaky “vaccine” products (that do not work, per Joe Biden!) and have consequently developed an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (both broad-based and SARS-CoV-2 specific due to immune imprinting and original antigenic sin), you are facing something in the clinical risk spectrum between a common cold and a bad case of Influenza B.

You should be afraid, very afraid. And go take another booster ASAP. <sarcasm>

About 21% of new COVID-19 cases are thought to be caused by EG.5, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a significant jump from 7.5% during the first week of July. This indicates that the new mutations which define EG.5 make it more able to compete against other Omicron variants in the current global population which has been highly dosed with these leaky, permissive “vaccines”.

What are those new mutations? They are primarily in the Spike protein, the toxic antigen used in the “vaccine” products. And the reason why “experts” are concerned about EG.5 is that it is better adapted to escape the antibody responses (including so called “neutralizing antibodies”) elicited by these ineffective “vaccine products”. Which is why it is out competing other Omicron variants. Which is to say that the approved narrative being promoted by governments and corporate media (and Scott Gottleib on behalf of Pfizer) will become even more transparently (how can I say this diplomatically?) a lie.

As a consequence of the above, the WHO is now designating EG.5 as a “variant of interest”. Stop the presses. We have a public health crisis on our hands. The WHO has identified a new variant of SARS-CoV-2/Omicron which they are interested in.

Now, lets talk about the new boosters that Pfizer and Moderna (and Novavax) are hoping to get your government to purchase, market, and distribute to the rubes this fall. They are designed to provoke a more robust and protective immune response to the variant called XBB.1.5- “Kraken”. The decision to target XBB.1.5 was made June 15, 2023 by the geniuses at the FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC). They must have been suitably impressed by the fearsome “Kraken”. Perhaps they all watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”.

“Kraken” illustration from the original 1870 edition of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by author Jules Verne. Great marketing, if your goal is to scare people (or an FDA committee) about a virus variant.

But as clearly shown by the latest CDC data (above), XBB.1.5 and its close siblings are already being sent to the dust bin of history by the more highly adapted EG.5. Oops. Strike three! When will they ever learn. Even with the miracle of mRNA, the public-private partnership between Pfizer/Moderna and the FDA cannot keep up with the rapid evolution of this single stranded RNA virus under the selective pressure of these leaky vaccines. As predicted by myself and so many others years ago now - THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN EFFECTIVE HUMAN CORONAVIRUS VACCINE. Reality bites.

We are assured by “experts” at Johns Hopkins University that “The new variant is a reminder that COVID-19 still poses a risk to public health.” Remember JHU? The ones that brought us Event 201- the actual “plandemic” event that brought together CIA, BMGF, CNN etc. to war game out this whole COVIDcrisis?). Here is what Andrew Pekosz, PhD, JHU professor in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology predicts about whether the XBB.1.5 “boosters” in development will protect against the EG.5 variant that has already made them obsolete:

Will existing vaccines protect against EG.5?

One of the fortunate things about EG.5 is that it's closely related to XBB variants, and the XBB variants are the basis for the new COVID vaccine that will be rolled out in the fall. There should be a nice match between that vaccine and the EG.5 variant, as well as the other XBB variants that are circulating right now. 

August 10, 2023

Andrew Pekosz, PhD, JHU professor in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

So lets take a look at the phylogenetic relationships between the XBB.1.5 variants and EG.5. The CDC diagram below shows how the Pango lineages on COVID Data Tracker are related to each other.

Separate branches of XBB. EG.5 has evolved from XBB.1.9.2. The “fall booster” vaccines are directed at a variant of XBB.1.5. Any comments about protection against EG.5 to be afforded by boosters directed towards XBB.1.5.1 is pure “speculation”. Basically, the FDA VRBPAC blew it. Again.

Meanwhile, the CDC continues to push jabs for kids who are at virtually no risk of hospitalization or death from COVID, but whose hearts and immune systems are being damaged by these toxic products.

Note the sleight of hand- the claim that children are protected from ER and urgent care visits post vaccination. But they were already protected by their own immune systems from ER and urgent care visits pre “vaccination” with these products.

Please! Always keep in mind that one explicit mission of the CDC is to promote childhood vaccine uptake. The CDC IS a taxpayer-sponsored vaccine industry marketing organization. As if the pharmaceutical industry needed any help with advertising and marketing. But the particularly useful thing about CDC and FDA for pharma is that CDC and FDA can make marketing claims that would be illegal for pharma to deploy, and which would expose them to legal liability. But if you seek an objective arbiter of vaccine truth, do not look to the CDC. Or CNN. Or the FDA. Or “Face The Nation”.

In summary

Here is the advice kindly provided by Andrew Pekosz, PhD, JHU professor in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology , which pretty much represents the current approved narrative.

Should you hold out for the new one if you’re due for a COVID vaccine now?

I think it's probably best if individuals wait and try to get in line right when that new fall vaccine rolls out so that they can have better protection against the currently circulating viruses.

What other precautions should we be taking? Is it time to mask up again? 

Case numbers aren't as high as when we had to put into place some public health interventions. But, if you're in a high-risk group in particular, you might consider wearing a mask or social distancing a little bit more. 

I would view this as a reminder that COVID is around—and COVID is still dangerous. 

The Yahoo-promoted medical journal “Country Living” <sarcasm> puts it this way-

How to protect yourself from EG.5

The COVID-19 prevention tactics that we all mastered back in 2020 are still the best ways to protect yourself and others from EG.5:

  • Be vigilant about handwashing

  • Consider masking up when in a crowded indoor public space

  • Test yourself for COVID-19 if you’re exhibiting symptoms (you can still buy at-home tests or get tested at your local urgent care or pharmacy)

  • Stay away from others if you have symptoms that you think could be EG.5

It’s also smart to keep up with the lifestyle habits that support your immune system and overall health, such as eating a well-balanced diet that includes immunity foods, getting regular exercise, staying properly hydrated, and prioritizing sleep.

My advice?

I agree with “eating a well-balanced diet that includes immunity foods, getting regular exercise, staying properly hydrated, and prioritizing sleep.”. Excepting handwashing, the rest of their points are based on proven falsehoods. In plainspeak, these other advisory points are based on lies.

Also, get your Vitamin D levels checked and adjusted as we head into winter (and less sunlight). Find a physician willing and able to prescribe early treatment just in case you do come down with a nasty COVID cold. Mr. Biden wants to spend over a billion of your tax dollars to develop a COVID vaccine that actually works- and have it ready by next fall, so that he can buy it from Pfizer and Moderna and force you to take it during the primary election season. He also thinks that mRNA delivery technology will “cure cancer”. There has never been an effective human coronavirus vaccine, and there probably never will be one in the future. And I have seen wave after wave of hype and promises to “cure cancer” during my career.

What we do know is that this pseudo-mRNA “vaccine” technology as currently deployed and marketed by Pfizer, Moderna, the US Government and their corporate media shills is toxic, and that repeated administration of these products is associated with a greater risk of hospitalization and death from COVID than the natural immunity produced from actual infection and recovery. And COVID can be easily treated if caught early using widely available repurposed drugs and treatment protocols.

So fear not. Fear is the mind killer. And promotion of Fearporn is an amazingly powerful marketing method, repeatedly deployed by the smallest of podcasters trying to build following by making outrageous unsupported claims all the way up to corporate media and the US Government propaganda and psyop specialists.

Please learn from this that corporate media is not your friend. It is an out of control captured marketing juggernaut that has become dependent on pharmaceutical and government sponsorship. It will sell you laundry soap, toxic drug products, or government propaganda with the best graphics, pretty faces and sincere smiles, so long as it gets its payment.

But is corporate media (and much of academic science + medicine) a reliable source of objective public health information to help you make informed decisions about managing your health care and that of your children?

Get real.

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