Friday, 20 January 2023

Scotland’s plan to implement 20-minute neighbourhoods nationwide


New measures proposed by the Scottish government in a recent document outline a war on carbon and a war on cars.  It includes a plan to implement restrictive 20-minute neighbourhoods so that the Government can deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmentalists have had it in for cars for years, wrote Spiked Online last year, we all know they’d like to ban cars altogether.  In the age of “net zero,” the car is public enemy No1.  And so, we’ve had a long line of proposals to make driving more expensive and difficult. 

For example, in April 2022, Stefanie O’Gorman, who sits on the Scottish government’s Climate Emergency Response Group, said that the construction of houses with double garages drove her “bonkers.” She told the Edinburgh Science Festival that owning two cars ignores “the social and cultural changes taking place as we adapt our lives to live more sustainably… we can’t afford for everybody to have two cars.”

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