Saturday, 30 April 2011

55-Percent of U.S. say we’re in a Depression or Recession



According to a new Gallup pole, nearly the same percentage of Americans (29%) believe that we are currently in a depression as those that were polled shortly after the September crash of 2008 (33%).

A whopping 55% of all Americans believe that we are currently in a recession or a depression.

52% of upper-income Americans say the economy is in a recession or depression.
65% of of lower-income Americans say the economy is in a recession or depression.

Although economists announced that the recession ended in mid-2009, more than half of Americans still don’t agree.

Are the American people losing faith in the U.S. economy?

From the Economic Collapse Blog – Losing Faith in the U.S. Economy
According to official government figures, the U.S. economy is growing right now and virtually nobody in the mainstream media or the government has used the term “depression” to describe the economic downturn that we went through recently.

There is clear evidence that the American people are losing faith in U.S. government economic statistics and instead they are basing their opinions on what they see in their own communities.

Despite the pablum about an “economic recovery” constantly being spewed by Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama, faith in our economic system continues to decline. The truth is that the American people are not stupid. They can see what is happening to the economy.

GALLUP – More Than Half Say U.S. Is in Recession or Depression

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