Saturday, 30 April 2011

Little Darling Here Comes The Sun


The first thing that popped into my head was the old Beatle song, “Here Comes the Sun.”

If I am reading this right new discoveries are indicating that changes going on with the sun are changing matter as we know it and actually neutralizing radiation!

“Exactly what has scientists so on edge is the fact that the natural rate of decay of atomic particles has always been predictable. Indeed, using the decay rate of Carbon-14 has been a method to date archeological artifacts. The process, known as carbon dating, measures the quantity of Carbon-14 within organic objects. According to the numbers, Carbon-14 has a specific half-life of 5,730 years. Physicists have proven through exhaustive observation and experimentation over the course of a century that it takes 5,730 years for Carbon-14 atoms to decay into a stable Nitrogen-14.

The values don’t change—or at least they never have in the past. With certain evidence that radioactive decay can be significantly affected by an unknown effect from the sun, much of science is turned on its head.”

“But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings; and you will go forth and skip about like calves from the stall… Malachi 4:2

Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter…”

Posted on October 5, 2010 by rockingjude

“Something impossible has happened. Yet the “impossible” has been proven to be true. Laboratories around the globe have confirmed that the rate of radioactive decay—once thought to be a constant and a bedrock of science—is no longer a constant. Something being emitted from the sun is interacting with matter in strange and unknown ways with the startling potential to dramatically change the nature of the very Earth itself.”

Apparently scientists across the globe are shooting emails back and forth trying to figure out what is happening. It is strange and unknown to them and does not follow natural laws. It is influencing the decay of radioactive elements as once again as noted we find ourselves the plaything of the Gods. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it except “ride the wave”.

At this point some are very concerned and some are jumping for joy. There are various theories that abound but I have always had my own theory on it as you well know. I have found if you listen to the prophets you seldom go wrong!

He promised ”There shall be a shifting, a great shaking and all things shall be touched, even the stones, and in a moment there shall be a newness in a great swelling of light that will fill the heavens and block out even the light of our own sun in its brightness…and the worlds shall split as will the heavens… in a moment. And in that moment you shall be where your heart is for time as we have known it shall be no more.”


Herein seems to be the answer to every riddle, Mayans call for a rise in consciousness, religions speak of the coming of light, scientists indicate matter is transforming. It might also explain just why teevee personalities are losing their focus if they are being affected by unknown as yet energy fields. Anyone have any better ideas?

Michelangelo’s Final Judgement

This is somewhat of an add on but some things come to mind. The Japanese use as their national emblem, the Red Sun. In the Philippines they use the White Sun. Now maybe it is my imagination but the archetype of the sun seems to reach far back into human history, no? The more I think about this some thoughts just seem to flow into others. What is it about the sun? I would imagine the various cultures who use them don’t know what it is all about and it is just a distant memory forged by current archetypes. At any rate it seems we will soon find out.

Then there is the Hadron collider. Is it a desperate attempt to offset the coming change?

Japanese Red Sun

Philippine White Sun

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