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2012, Hottest Year on Record, Frankenyear, Nostradamus – The End of End Times, Predictions for 2013, Israeli Election, China Airpocalypse and Comet ISON


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21 January 2013

Nostradamus 2012
The End of End Times
Downloading Now!

My 21st book (11th eBook) is now being downloaded with a personal letter of thanks to all the advanced donators who made it, and the continuation of, possible with their help. The list of supporters is rather large so it will take until Monday at midnight (Pacific Time) to download the book to everyone who has been waiting.

The years drew down to 2012. The anticipated – if flawed – belief intensified, that a great doomsday or bloomsday was imminent on 21 December 2012 when the Mayan Calendar purportedly shifted into a new great “Long Count” of 5,125 years. Over 3,000 books had been published about everything 2012-ish, even down to a book on Barack Obama and 2012! A lot of you began asking why I had not joined the “Photonic Band” wagon with either an argument that the Maya had more accurately dated the end of the world, or a tome that promised contact New Age, marijuana-high enlightenment when gamma rays from the center of the galaxy were anticipated to fry or photonically enlighten us.

Well, my silence was deafening to many and some of you got the message that anticipation of 2012 was less important to me than commenting on its aftermath. I was not going to join the sheeple scribers who made a book writing industry out of this Chicken Little story. I planned to publish my book “after” all the acorns had bopped Chicken Little’s head thinking the sky or enlightenment was falling. This book, part serious, part satire and hopefully rife with a lot of divine comedy, is my answer. I would chime in the morning after the Mayan much ado about no-thing had happened any more or less significant than what many great time clocks and cycles of different prophetic traditions rebooting in our lifetime have forecast, and some visualized even clearer than the Maya.

So then, here is Hogue book number “21” about 21 December 2012 that separates the silly from the sincere message of the Maya, their calendar and puts it in its proper place among other prophetic time clocks sounding the alarm about and chiming in hope for the 21stcentury. Read more about the book and how you can receive a gift copy by clicking on Nostradamus.

And now, a little excerpt. Here then is a unique definition of what 2012 as a year of bloom or glooms-day means to me. Cue the Proph-arazzi!:


2012 is the "Lindsay Lohan" of doomsday dates. More Hollywood than wholly holy.

2012 is the Lindsay Lohan of End Time dates. She’s the Hollywood starlet of stargazing ancients… [The other “end time” girls are] too broad and operatic [some] taking a cosmic year to come. Hollywood likes a quickie “it” girl. End timers like a snappy and uncomplicated calendar pin-up call girl to rock their world…

I mean, look who starred in her own major motion picture?

2012 of course.

Did you bijou a flick recently called Stop my Wheel of Dharma I want to get off! or The Hopi Hangover – Final Warning? Did that Hollywood version of CNN called Entertainment Tonight wolf-blitzer down a high heeled, silicone-heaving movie trailer for end time epics called Yabba Dabba Kali Yuga or Catch Me if you can Jupiter-Saturn Cycle?

There was no Oceans 11-Year Pleiadian UFO Return. Jodie Foster dove buck naked backwards in Nell. Who can play supersized, buxom Nibiru flopping her vast planetary curves into the inner solar system? And who can Angelina Jolie that action figure to Van Allen Belt [whip] the Solaris Maximum?

Popularized “paparazzified” prophecy needs something simple, a one-liner star whose number everyone gets without complications of reflection. Take a real drama queen in and out of interpretive rehab. A date diva doomsday that everyone wants to vote in favor for on his or her craven American Idol show and naughty tell.

Dumb the doom down, baby.

Let her wrap her Daisy Duck collagen lips around my Mayan solstice. Give her that big boob tube job. You’ll sell a lot more ad time! She’ll fill out the cover of an autobiographical confessional every New Age publisher will print, crowding out and rejecting all other doom-dreamy dates and cycle sirens of prophecy because, really now, they’re tooooo complicated.


There is much more where that came from. There is the film shoot for a celebrity doomsday dame, two guys playing Gilligan on History Channel’s Apocalypse Island. A Vincent Bridges going far off the deep end of plausible prophetic interpretation. And there is Nostradamus.

Nostradamus near the end of his life famously and accurately forecasting by reading his moles that Henry of Navarre would become a King of France. Observing from the left is CHarles IX and the Queen Regent Catherine de' Medici (the latter a disciple of the prophet).

These Twenty-Twelvers dragged the poor 16th-century seer of Provence, France, out of his peaceful wall tomb and tried for 25 years to “make” him bone up as a part of their “make” – that he foresaw 2012 and predicted it. Someone has to straighten all this stupid axis “shift” out. I guess it had to be me. When I look at some of the books out there putting 2012 in Nostradamus’ mouth, I had to wonder if the authors based their research on pure imagination built upon a foundation of third-rate English translations of the original Renaissance French material.

How could they get it so wrong about Nostradamus’ connection to the Maya? How could they overlook a man who is on record making the most accurate forecasts of dates, years, periods of time of any prophet in recorded history not mentioning 2012? Moreover, Nostradamus “HAD” a year “2012” to proclaim and he did so in the clear, for all those who actually READ Nostradamus before they tie strings on him like Pinocchio and try to wood-chuckster hustle a long woody of wife-tale lies with his lengthening nose?

Nostradamus 2012 – the End of End Times, clears the air with insights and laughter. It will often playfully expose the 2012 forecasters as being a bit “Too Chicken Little too late” to the era changing prophecy party.

Map of US Drought as of December 2012.

21 January 2013

The Hottest Year
Ever Recorded

The most obvious sign of epochal shift changed did not happen in 2012. They began in 1998 when climatologists chronicled a spike in global temperatures making it the hottest year in history at that time. Since 1998, EVERY year has been a little hotter than the last, as if 1998 was the first of many years to come that belong to a kind of temperature tsunami of rising aggregate record breaking temperatures around the world.

Then came 2012… OK, maybe it has some significance, not as the start of something big, but a new magnification of the new “abnormal” in Climate Change.

It saw a significant spike in global temperatures never before recorded, even dwarfing the breakout heat funk from normal that was 1998!

NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) reported that: “2012 marked the warmest year on record for the contiguous United States with the year consisting of a record warm spring, second warmest summer, fourth warmest winter and a warmer-than-average autumn. The average temperature for 2012 was 55.3°F, 3.2°F above the 20th century average, and 1.0°F above 1998, the previous warmest year.”

The following are not forecasts from New Age Sewage peddlers, channeled Mayan Gods, dolphins. Fact is fact about the changing weather, whether it is fairies or unfairies to our expectations and what we deny.

The NOAA reports that 19 US states out of the lower 48 were all warmer than average in 2012. What reporters now like to coin as “Frankenyear” was the second most devastating on record, clocking in 11 catastrophes that cost $1 billion or more in the United States alone. That makes 2012 just one natural disaster less destructive than the tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and droughts hitting the US in the year 2011. Maybe lucky numbered 2013 will send a “13” billion-dollar plus pummeling of the United States.

The average surface temperature of the Earth has increased one-Centigrade degree (1.8 Fahrenheit degrees) in the past century, and is heading for a calamitous 4 C. degrees increase in this century.

2012 was not the end of the world, but maybe the beginning of the end of a world of balanced and relatively mild weather as we have known it – as it helped aid with its mellifluous 10,000 years of relative climate stability our evolution to civilization.

2012 was the 15th driest year on record.

The Great Drought of 2011 became the Great Drought of 2012 attacking 62% of the nation. We are talking in 2012 about record braking temperatures such as Nashville; Athens, Ga.; and Cairo, Ill., all hitting 109 degrees on June 29; Greenville, S.C., which hit 107 degrees on July 1; and Lamar, Colorado, which hit 112 degrees on June 27. One third of America’s 300 million people experienced 10 or more days of summer temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

Even Hawaii, which in some places marks some of the wettest rainfall records is now 63.3% drought stricken.

The 2012 fire season in the other 49 states scorched 9.2 million acres of forest, the third highest on record.

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