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Monday, February 18, 2013


Monday, February 18, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you have read many Scriptures about the people of Israel being called My ‘chosen people’ because I am the Son of David. Now in today’s politics you are seeing America’s President visiting the leader of Israel. These people are still precious to Me, and they are being protected. America contributes several billion dollars in aid to Israel each year, and you have commitments to protect Israel from its Arab neighbors. There are some suspicions of your President’s true feelings for Israel because he appears to support Muslim nations. Supporting Israel as God’s people is commendable for America, but it could draw you into any major conflict between the Jews and the Arabs. Keep praying for peace in this area that has seen many conflicts in the past.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages on how important it is to come to My refuges when I warn you to leave your homes. The reason for leaving is to avoid being captured by the men in black who will be coming to your house to try and carry out an order for mandatory chips in the body. If you refuse to take the chip in the body, they will send you to the detention center death camps, and you will never be seen again. I honor those who would be willing to be martyred for their faith, but some people do not understand the danger of remaining in their homes. Some people are familiar with how Hitler killed the Jews and others in his death camps. You have shown people the names of these camps in the various states. You need to show some pictures or a little more research on what these camps look like. People need to understand how the one world people want to eliminate all Christians and patriots who will not go along with their new world order. When you call on Me to bring you to My refuges, I will have your guardian angel lead you with a small flame to the nearest refuge, if you do not know where it is. My angels will put an invisible shield around you on your way to My refuges so the evil ones will not see you. Trust in Me to protect you from the evil ones.”

Tuesday, February 19, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I am LOVE, and I want My followers to love Me and their neighbors as themselves. Part of this love is being able to ask Me for the forgiveness of your sins, as in Confession. You also need to ask for forgiveness from those who you may have hurt in any way. You should also be generous in accepting anyone’s plea for forgiveness of anything that someone may have done to you. This means not holding grudges nor looking for revenge. You even should forgive yourself of any of your failings, and let go of past sins so you can move forward. Forgiveness can be hard to accept, but when you consider this a part of loving people, it should come without any difficulty. You need to reach out to people to heal their hurts and their needs. By having sympathy and empathy with others, they can see that you are sincere in all that you do. These thoughts of being a loving and forgiving person can improve your spiritual life.”

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