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Pope Francis, Nostradamus, St. Malachy, Prophecies and Predictions: Is he Peter of Rome the Last Pope of the Apostasy, Tribulation and the Apocalypse? Iraq War Anniversary Prediction


Pope Francis.


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Read my predictions made in November 2000 about the Bush Administration invading and occupying Iraq in the middle of his first term in office. Click on Nostradamus and Iraq. It’s Today’s News Flash (19 March 2013) written 31 months ago!

Click on this picture and read about the future of Iraq, Syria and when Nostradamus dated and described the next great Middle Eastern War.

18 March 2013

Pope Francis (The Last Pope)
Takes Charge
Of an Imperial
Roman Catholic Church

The pomp and circumstance, the bejeweled and frescoed grandeur, the epic opulence of the great and cavernous-domed church, the broad and pillar-ringed piazza guarded by the mute stone sentries of statue saints with iron crosses and swords. This magnificent pile of man-made monument that is the network of palaces, churches, and walled gardens of the 108 acres of the Vatican City State. To me, all of this is everything Yeshua is not.

Yeshua. The man from Galilee. The Jewish mystic, otherwise called by his Romanized name, like any other Sun God or Son of God born of a virgin birth so popularized in mainstream religions that the Ancient Roman Empire absorbed, Latinized, Romanized, like Greek Zeus becoming “Jupiter”.

That is how Yeshua unto the present day became Rome’s Jesus Christos (Christ).

Ancient Rome breathed pagan pageant and customs into Yeshua’s modest and impoverished Semitic ministry. It gave it celibate priestesses – Vestal Virgins, who became the source idea for orders of celibate nuns. Rome also planted in what was a Jewish movement of family men and householder prophets and disciples a pagan Roman-style cult of celibate monks and priests.

Rome gave Jesus a high pagan pope for his number one priest, adopting the name Pontifex Maximus directly from the popular monotheistic mainstream pagan religion known as Sol Invictus. Pagans gave the sign of Sol Invictus, the nimbus of light or the gold halo rings of light around the hairy heads of its saints. Rome gradually erased the sign of the Jewish fisherman, replacing it with a cross.

Sol Invictus, the Pagan Model used to Romanize Christianity.

It gave Yeshua-cum-Jesus a cult of “little christs” that you call it today: Christians, Christianity. It gave Christ “Christ”-mas, taking hostage the pagan holiday of the Yule Tide. Rome made his resurrection a variation on the pagan New Year fertility rite when spring comes and the grass grows by its divine self.

Pagan Rome gave Jesus Easter.

It may have given Christ even his death and resurrection story. The text of the Holy Eucharist, reads almost verbatim from the text of the Persian Mythraic religion, so widely popular in Rome the time Yeshua walked and bled (maybe not bled) on this Earth. Yes, as the religiously provocative vaudeville joke goes, they may not have used Eisenstein’s nails, Henny Youngman. Or a wooden cross, already!

The death and resurrection of the Christ story might have been plagiarized, like Easter, like Christmas. Stolen from the Persian Mithras messiah tale. Mithras also was a Son of God, born of a virgin, also killed and resurrected!

The “Roman” Catholic religion took up the power of the pagan custom of celibate priests because denying and suppressing sexuality gave them a power over their sinfully copulating laity no less than it did for Roman pagan religious hierarchies dating all the way back and beyond the celibate seeress and attendant celibate priests known as the Pythia of Delphi.

The papyrus mentioning Jesus was with wife, as it were.

Celibacy is NOT a Jewish custom and Yeshua (I mean Jesus) at 33 years old when he began his ministry, was no longer judged by the span of life in those days a young bachelor. By 33, any respectable Jewish mother, like Mariam (Romanized as “Mary”) ought to have nagged him and nabbed for him a wife to marry and Yeshua by 33 must have given her grandchildren.

References recently uncovered in papyrus and belittled by the celibate priests of the Church that indicate Jesus had a wife, has precedent in Judea, because no mature and adult Jewish prophet worth his channel to Yehovah, went around unmarried without children. Indeed the early Romanized versions of Jesus pictured him “without” a beard at all, as would be the customary appearance of an unmarried and otherwise celibate Jew, yet to be initiated into sex in socially acceptable Judean wedlock. The mistake of sculpting or painting images of Jesus bearded is purely a hairy Gentile medieval cultural oversight. After everything that was ancient Rome fell, except the Roman Church, the artists from the Dark Ages onwards lost touch with the Mediterranean world and First Century Jewish custom of growing beards on your wife seed-planting husbands.

Vestal Virgin, looking a bit like a celibate Nun, hmm?

The magnificence of the Vatican, most ancient (pagan) source of Western and Latin Christianity, has been before our eyes in person or on television and Internet in these heady – stormy and even lightning struck – weeks. The lightning began to crack and roar after the uncustomary resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on 11 February and struck again at the onset of the Conclave election of the new Pope Francis. Then, the day after, on the thirteenth day of the third month of the thirteenth year of this century thirteen minutes into the eight-o’clock hour, Roman time, the stove pipe that had been the resting place for a seagull a short while before blossomed white billowing smoke, declaring that a new pontiff had been elected by the Papal Conclave.

I do not know if you share the same dilemma of perception about this munificent magnificence, this operatic show of ornate and epic wealth of the august cardinals strutting like bejeweled great geese into Michelangelo’s fresco-covered Sistine Chapel, to then see the great wooden doors locked behind them and the sound of sacred homilies silenced, thus.

What show biz! I love it! Like I love the dazzling surface of the ocean. So entertaining! So thrilling! And yet, the immaculately dressed and gilded surface of cardinals, like the allure of sunlight reflected in glory on the rolling coat of ocean waves, distracts me from perceiving the vast and profoundly silent ocean depths. The cardinal’s bling, the gilded ornamentation of churches, the frescoes surfacing them distracts me with a glittering shallowness. These are mind barriers. They are set to block my journey inward, through the fancy barriers to plumb the silent, unfathomable mystery that is spiritual beyond the bishop’s bling.

The great serried ranks of the Princes of the Church. Ah! Never have I seen “holy” men so richly attired and attended, bejeweled crucifixes, rings…

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