Tuesday, 10 April 2012

December 2012 Approaches…Accuracy of Calculations Increases (New Video)


Now that we are in the mighty year 2012, as researchers and historians may say, dedicated researcher Patrick Geryl has been able to unrafle bit by bit what is causing planetary changes and why the ancients such as the Maya could predict the events expected for later this year. The heart of our existence is the Sun and it’s at the same time the source of all changes in our solar system. Not only is it the main source for planetary or global warming on our and other planets, it’s also the reason for the magnetic storms reaching planet Earth and others through space.

No one in recent history other than Geryl has been publicly proving the relationships between the planetary positions and the solar activity. In his new video below, you get an overview of some of the major effects of these planetary positions and interactions. The next important date to watch is April 22, 2012 where it is expected that we’ll experience the largest solar violence for the first half of the year. Furthermore, the video zooms in closely to the end of 2012, the most anticipated super storm in our history. Also the relevance of his calculations explain why planet Earth was hit in 1859 with a super storm paralyzing our electric grid at that time (known as the Carrington effect).

For more information on Patricgeryl’s work, check out his books collection here >>

Click here to view the embedded video.

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