Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nostradamus, Dolores Cannon, New Age Political Correctness


I do not have to put a person under hypnosis to peel back the centuries to speak to Nostradamus. This is what Dolores Cannon claims to do in her three-volume book series Conversations with Nostradamus. I have challenged her since 1997 to prove the foundation and credibility of her work. (click on Nostradamus.)

In the beginning, only two people were witnesses to this – the two being Dolores and me. We met at a dinner party held for guest speakers of the first Axiom Prophecy Conference, sonically overshadowed by the airline jet thundering shadow of LAX in March 1997. We stood, drinks in hand. I cordially forewarned her that I would publicly criticize the basis of her purported “conversations” the next day. I would ask her to explain before a large audience how she can prove she talks to Nostradamus in the 1550s through the conduit of one of her hypnosis subjects.

When Zen came to Japan, many Samurai warriors became monks, perhaps because the code of Bushido, the code of a warrior, is a path of self-awareness, like Zen meditation.

This might surprise some of you who have suffered my withering critiques, but I do not like to ambush people. I say what I have to say in my writings here or in my printed or e-Books. You freely enter the Hogueprophecy realm by your own choice. I do not come into your inbox to leave an unsolicited comment about your politics, religion or beliefs.

Nevertheless, if you feel compelled by what I write to leave a comment in my inbox, or in the comment boxes of, I will respond and if necessary attack your views, vigorously if need be and dismantle your cherished points of belief in detail.

Thousands of you have thanked me for being taken to task or challenged to think and feel differently. Thousands more have hated me for it. So be it. I do not seek to be popular or write books that make a lot of money because they add butter to the bread of spiritual bullshit on a shingle. You will infrequently see me invited to this new age expo or that. It is not because I am a recluse. I am not. Nevertheless, as the Axiom people in 1997 soon found out, I am spiritually incorrect as well as politically incorrect. Since they were paying my way and paying an honorarium too, I felt obligated to forewarn them that I would make a public show of my attack of Dolores Cannon’s premise about talking to Nostradamus. I gave the administrators of the Expo the chance to dis-invite me.

The person on the other end of the phone chirped that controversy was healthy and good for the Expo.

I listened to her, thinking, “you have no idea what you are saying yes to.”

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