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Gaddafi, Nostradamus and Famine’s Fire in the Sky




Gaddafi Regime Collapsing

Breaking news, thy name is life under the sudden and convulsive surprises possible during a Pluto Square Uranus astrological aspect. I just finished this article about the future of food sustainability and a few moments later, Libyan rebels playing out a real life “Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome” drive their desert rat trucks bristling with machine guns and RPGs into the heart of Gaddafi’s lair, Tripoli. There is much Nostradamus may have written about Libya as a catalyst for the radicalization of North Africa and the Middle East in his Armageddon scenario, if this most tribally divided of Muslim countries should now unravel into the mayhem of an even wider multilateral civil war.

Modern Libya is the land of the Barbare (Barbary Coast) as Nostradamus called it in the 16th century. According to him, the Barbare possibly undermine a fragile progress towards friendship between two northern kingdoms who bear eagles as their totems. This would be America (the Bald Eagle) and Russia (land of the double-headed eagle).

Barbare may be an anagram for Arabe — the French spelling of Arab. What happens next in Libya could spread to the Arab world and undermine all chance of fellowship between Russia and America. This could lead to a nuclear confrontation either three or 13 years from now, unless we correctly heed and positively act on the signs of Nostradamus.

Just now, the situation is still quite fluid and chaotic in Libya. I will allow some time to pass to assess where all of this is prophetically going — hopefully going towards a better future, rather than one so dire as the above. If you are a member of my free HogueProphecy Bulletin, you will be the first to know when a new article about Libya, or anything else concerning current events in prophecy, is posted on these pages. If you are not a member of my free list you can join here. Click on sign up.

In the meantime I invite all of you all to review my articles posted earlier this year, since the Arab Spring and the Libyan Civil War began, by perusing titles in the Archives column to the left of this article.

Now to today’s article:


There has been a new wave of reruns of my appearances on television across America. Documentaries that are three and even five years old are being broadcast more frequently on History Channel, History International Channel, Discovery and Planet Green channels because today’s events make them more pertinent than ever before.

It is television’s nature that hours of interview are distilled down to a sound byte that at best gives a hollowed out hint of the depth of the core message. I am ever hopeful that the hint is enough for sincere explorers of prophecy matching events that they will “Google the Hogue” as it were. I trust that people who care to change the future for the better will come to this website or read my e-books and printed books to rediscover the meat of my oracle’s message rather than presume to know that message by picking at the bleached photon and electron bones flickering on your television set.

I am grateful to television for sometimes capturing my right “hint” of chief importance to humanity’s future. Especially when the future’s message of fundamental importance to our continued furtherance on this planet gets its bones presented, such as Nostradamus’ clear message of a nuclear war between Russia and America coming “after” the Cold War ended and the Soviet superpower had vanished. The remains of that message has appeared on the Nostradamus Effect and The Next Nostradamus documentaries. The full bodied meat of that message was the opening topic of my Epilogue that described the War of the Third Antichrist in my book Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS.

Another critically important and very nasty “surprise” I have tried to send onto television airwaves is the following comment that did make it through the ruthless editorial cuts TV must demand on interviews. This was filmed back in July 2008 in San Antonio for History Channel’s Nostradamus 2012. I first introduced Nostradamus’ quatrain 98 of Century 5, which reads:

Beyond boiled, this fish lies in a Texas lake bed.At latitude of 48 degrees at the end of Cancer
There is a very great drought.
Fish in the sea, river and lake boiled hectic
From fire in the sky.

Then the camera moved from a Gothic version of Nostradamus’ words magically painting themselves on screen to a shot of myself, where I said the following:

You look on a map…you look at the Northern Hemisphere and ALL the great grain belts of the world are intersected by 48-degree latitude…

Then J.R. Jochmans reminds us of Nostradamus’ global cannibalism prophecy. Then Jochmans’ face vanishes, replaced by an ocean of famished black Africans in a dust-storm ravaged refugee camp, possibly in Darfur or in the Congo with my voice-over leading and return of my image as I add:

Famine is the most dangerous threat to all of us in all prophecies of dire nature, the way you “buy it” in the doomsday is through hunger.

(Click on prophecy to see the passage on YouTube. Drag the cursor to minute 1:40 and watch it through minute 2:37)

The end of Cancer in astrology describes the latter half of July, the peak weeks in the Northern Hemisphere for summer heat. Look to the nearly dried out lakes across Texas, suffering months of sustained, triple digit temperatures. The fish are hectically swimming in what is left of the water in Texas lakes from the triple digit fire from the skies.

Many of my Texan readers have sent reports like the following, coming from Robert H., which was sent on 28 July:

“In West Texas they have not seen measurable precipitation since last September (now over 300 days!). Does (mother deer) are abandoning their young for lack of food and water. Same with birds as they are abandoning their chicks in the nests. Midland, Texas (a metro area of 250,000 and George W [Bush’s] hometown) will run out of water in its reservoirs in 1 1/2 years without a major rain and is building an emergency pipeline to tap groundwater. It is bad in the oil country of West Texas.”

This extraordinary drought in Texas has shriveled and killed off the corn and wheat crop. Hay has to be imported to feed the decimated livestock and cattle herds. Texan agribusiness will lose an estimated $5 billion dollars this year and this lingering drought is not isolated to Texas alone. Most of Oklahoma, much of Mississippi and the US southeastern states are under extreme drought conditions also destroying their crop yields.

This is not the fulfillment of Nostradamus’ fire-from-the-sky prophecy. It is the first of many alarm bells beginning to ring in regards to our unsustainable habits, which I described in the final chapter of Predictions for 2011.

It is but a taste of what is to come as climate change triggers crop desiccating droughts over Texas and Oklahoma whilst it drowns 200,000 acres of cropland along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers with record flooding. Note this prophecy again when such events do indeed become the “new normal” after 2012 has been long forgotten as Chicken Little’s last doomsday date.

The fiery Sun drawing its blazing line on latitude 48 across the grain belts of Europe, America, Russia and China will fall into this new norm of crop failures in the 2010s and 2020s that will reverberate in further social unrest in the Middle East, Asia, China and the developing world because of skyrocketing food prices.

You will see the great famine approaching implied by the above Nostradamus prophecy and others describing it directly when time and the bitter harvest of our habitually childish habits and unconscious, programmed actions from today cross over what is foreseen waiting in our tomorrows. We must grow up as a race of potentially sentient beings, or grow thin from not growing enough to sustain our civilization and ourselves.

I will finish my article today by posting my 16 March 2011 interview for Raw The great storms and floods that have hit the world’s breadbasket in the first half of 2011, the great grain growing states of the US Midwest, have fallen off the radar of ratings and interest of the mainstream corporate news. Certainly, other stories concern us now: the loss of American and European leadership and credibility in finding economic solutions to their debt problems. After Greece there arises a deepening EU banking crisis concerning Italy and Spain that all point to a slide back into double-digit recession in the late summer or early autumn. Yet, as printing money at the problem inflates it, let not the corporate media’s fixation distract you from a far more volatile, ongoing crisis coming from worldwide food prices continuing to rise because of global warming.

As one of my readers recently wrote. We undergoing a “Climate Shift”. This rolling shift in the world’s climate axis is threatening our means to feed the human race. Climate shifts to extremes that become the new normal string of historic flood of hundreds of thousands of acres of crops this spring. Now America this summer has a heat wave to match the historic cauldron of fire from the skies that visited Russia last year, temporarily knocking her out of the grain export business. Vast tracks of corn and wheat fields across Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska wilt and shrink in sustained triple-digit heat waves. Consequently, 100-plus temperatures have baked Dallas Texas for 40 days straight before one night of rain fell. Now the days of 100-plus temperatures gather their number once again. And here comes the Hurricane Season with Tropical Storm Irene bearing down on Florida.


Raw Epicurean interview, (16 March 2011, Part 1)

INGRID (Weithers-Barati): I read your January 31st post “Revolution in Egypt: From Food to Global Fuel Crisis”. You mentioned David Brinkley and his thought on future food crisis. Great article.

Thank you.

INGRID: Picking up where we left off just over a year ago, and all that has happened since then with big agribusiness via senate passing bills, pesticides, and genetically engineered “food”, it seems our current food system is leading us down a dangerous path toward an emergency with food sustainability and security. I wonder are we already there?

We are already there; however, not primarily for the reasons you cited above. These are peripheral to the fundamental problem: we cannot sustain our current growing food demand on a dwindling and rapidly degrading agricultural supply.

The FAO estimates the world will need to produce 70 percent more food by 2050. The miraculous expansion of our crop yields in the last 50 years came from technological advances in what has been hailed as a Green Revolution in food production.

This near-miraculous advance in harvest volume could match our multiplying billions up to our entry into the 21st century. It could absorb our hunger demand at least to sustain a population of 5 billion in the late 1980s jumping to 6 billion in 1999, jumping again in the current year of 2011 to 7 billion.

If you would permit me to take a simile about food sustainability down an unorthodox path, the Green Revolution’s advances could absorb our hunger like the Ganges River in India famously absorbs human and industrial pollution. It has been scientifically proven that the Ganges with its loamy mud bottom is particularly unique in its ability to bear, filter out and purify itself of the burden of human and industrial waste. This fact may be one of the objective reasons why many tens of millions who live upon its crowded banks believe the water of the Ganges is “holy.”

With the turn of the century, something changed. The holy Ganges’ “hole” in which people dumped their filth and forgot it, ignoring the consequences of what happens downstream, has reached a critical mass of mess. Now large sections of the river are dead, other sections dry out for part of the year from over water use.

Food is like a river pouring out of the cornucopia made from our technological advances in agriculture. Around the same time the Ganges started going fowl, the river of food sustenance could no longer absorb our growing dump-and-forget of our hunger demands upon it. Our cornucopia cannot increase the flow. Our current understanding of how to increase crop yields can no longer satiate our growing number of hungry mouths to feed. People expect technology to refresh the Cornucopia, make it larger. Each person looking primarily to his or her own immediate sustenance only. They throw hunger into the river, letting the threat of an oncoming global famine “flow”, as it were, down a river of denial.

I understand that describing human hunger as a form of pollution is unusual, but new ages require new definitions from which new solutions can be created. The unconsciousness of our voracious appetite is a kind of pollution that is inhuman. It is fine for an animal not burdened with sentience to mechanically, instinctively eat and breed to abandon because natural forces beyond its mindless control will cull and decimate the species through the destruction of the range it creates, automatically restoring balance.

The bark beetle mindlessly destroys its forest resource. Lightning strikes, and the forest with the host of beetles is burnt down. The beetle population is decimated and new forest growth begins unhindered.

Instinct, then, is just a cog in Mother Nature’s unconscious balancing mechanism. Yet, this lingering habit of instinct, which is perfectly natural for an unconscious animal, carried over to human beings is perverse, because humans are gifted with a sentience that could understand what animals cannot. They can perceive the need to manage their population so that it grows in balance with the resources available.

A human behaving like a bark beetle, mindlessly populating and devouring its range to the point of crisis, thus setting itself for natural decimation cannot call him or herself, fully human. On the one hand we take too much of its water and on the other our genetic tampering could make the river of our food flow sterile by disrupting the fertility of seeds in unknown ways. We are spoilers of that river; carelessly dumping our hunger demand into the river of food production is like an inhuman act of pollution, like a beetle destroying the forest. The beetle cannot help itself. The human potentially can. That is why I am calling this human abuse today something more than exhausting or mutating a resource river of sustenance. It is pollutingly ugly, because it is animal-like, un-thought out, unintelligent.

Act like a bark beetle or a rat and you will die like bark beetles and rats, humanity.

Use that big brain, and you will not die like rats. You will live like human beings, aware of yourselves and your place as guardians and sustainers of balance in Mother Nature’s world.

Voracious appetite is animal.

Harmony is a human trait.

John Hogue
(21 August 2011)

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