Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Old Holborn - The digital hermit


I am still amazed how many politicians are still screaming that social media is to blame for the various reactions to the society they created. From welfare addicts who decided they weren’t get enough danegeld and needed to loot shops to the Chinese State cutting off Facebook and Twitter to stop their citizens talking to each other.
Of course, our own Louise Mensch MP is demanding that she should control when we are allowed to speak to each other via mobile phones and the general consensus from those who would rule us is

You may talk to each other, when WE allow it. It is not a right, it is a privilege

With the original invention of the printing press, the matrix rippled. Our media is still “licenced” by those who impose their laws upon us. Huge state quangos exist to make sure we are not talking too much, saying too much, criticising too much and whilst we pretend to have the freedom of speech, our citizens are now jailed for posting on Facebook.
I’m currently planning to flee the UK and set up shop in a country where Politicians are accepted as corrupt, make no bones about being corrupt and in return for 10% taxation (flat) leave the public alone. Nothing is expected from them and duly, very little is given to them.
There is no “welfare” system to speak of, and in return, people make their own arrangements for healthcare. Family bonds are strong because the State is weak. People are left alone, to live their lives in peace, as they see fit.
In all honesty, you won’t even know I’ve gone. Most of my friendships these days are online. Long gone are the days where I tolerated going to boring “dinner parties” where I was forced to listen to some consumerist bragging about his golf skills or his BMW because his wife worked in the same office as my wife. Nope, I talk and converse and consume my information from my “networks”.
I read my news where I choose to read my news, regardless of whether OFCOM thinks I should. I watch TV from the country of my choice via the Internet. I chat with people I find interesting or engaging, 24 hours a day, regardless of their location. My work allows me to be based anywhere in Europe. All I need is a phone and an internet connection. My clients care not one jot that my telephone number is UK based and I am not (see Vonage). They care not that I don’t have an office in the City of London.
The control of media by the State meant something when the State meant something. Put simply, it doesn’t anymore. If I don’t like your rules and regulations, I can move. I can take my wealth, my assets, my business anywhere I choose. I am no longer bound by “locality” because I no longer “live” locally. I live on the Internet. I buy from the internet, not Globalist out of town shopping centres. I source what I require from those who supply what I require, not what a Corporation that dictates what I may purchase. I am not beholden to fashion or marketing or upgrades. I am not enslaved to banks because I OWN my properties. My dependence on “credit” is zero because I do not crave shiny things.
So, my views are similar to millions of people I have never and will never meet in “the real world”, yet I can freely mix them, converse with them, cooperate with them, buy and sell from them, and interact with them, in real time. We have similar beliefs and similar values, similar outlooks on life, similar goals and similar minds.
  • The Political Party is dead – no longer needed.
  • The State is dying – petty borders mean nothing to my life anymore
  • The digital individual is taking control of his life – “not who is going to let me, but who is going to stop me?”

Whilst our elites believe they built and control the Matrix, and for a while, they did – with licences, D notices, censorship. All of us, just by being online and talking to each other have proved they are no longer in control of any of us. And I have no need to talk or listen to the opinions of those who assume they know better than me how to live my life. Like town criers bellowing in the market place, they are no longer relevant to any of us.
The real revolution begins when you stop listening to them.

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