Monday, 22 August 2011

Major Cancer Breakthrough Squelched By Pharmaceuticals and US Govt



An astounding discovery in the fight to kill cancer, one that actually appears as though it may be ‘the one’, has been repeatedly ignored by the Pharmaceutical industry and even the the United States Department of Health and Human Services National Institute of Health, according to a report from Dr. Steven Garner, Chairman of the Radiology Department at New York Methodist Hospital.

Dr. Garner said Thursday while interviewed on Fox News, “Do know what’s really scary? – that this almost didn’t happen because they didn’t have funding. Can you imagine – no pharmaceuticals wanted to do it, National Institute of Health didn’t want to do it, Unfortunately a couple who’s child died of Leukemia, gave the money. That’s how they were able to pay for it. What a lucky break…”

The leukemia treatment breakthrough uses the patients’ own blood cells while turning them into assassins that hunt and destroy their cancer cells. It is a form of gene therapy which ultimately destroys the cancer cells. Instead of a shotgun approach treatment of chemotherapy which kills all cells – both good and bad cells, the patients’ modified white blood cells are ‘programmed’ to seek out and destroy just the targeted cancer cells.

In a incredible display of effectiveness, 3 leukemia patients were treated, apparently with only weeks to live, and within 2 weeks they were entirely and apparently 100 percent cured. Dr. Garner said that 6 pounds of cancer was wiped out. The 3rd patient was evidently 75 percent cured while the results and remission tests are ongoing.

Scientists had been working on ways for one’s own immune system to fight the cancer, while tests that modified ‘T-cells’ produced limited results. Dr. Carl June, a gene therapy expert at the University of Pennsylvania led the breakthrough study, published this week by the New England Journal of Medicine, that involved making changes to a patients’ white blood cells which in turn ‘recruited’ the help of the patients’ T-cells while they both together would ‘kill and multiply’ – kill the cancer cells that existed and kill new cancer cells as they emerged, all the while multiplying themselves to be able to kill more.

This is the first time that this has ever been done against cancer.

Researchers at University of Pennsylvania are looking to test other leukemia-related cancers, as well as pancreatic and ovarian cancer – even prostrate and brain cancers.

It is sadly remarkable that Dr. Garner made a point during his interview to point out that the pharmaceutical industry and the United States government did not want anything to do with funding this apparent breakthrough research.

If one ‘follows the money’, it is sad and disgusting to realize that greed has no bounds, even over life itself. The insatiable appetite for the money and profits that result from selling drugs to a sick and unhealthy society is very, very big business. The government itself, as many know, is controlled by these interests through lobbying, big donations, and back room dealing. Therefore it was no major surprise to discover that the Dept. of Health wanted nothing to do with the research.

If someone were to wish retribution upon those that enable this horrible greed, perhaps one day they themselves, or a loved one of theirs, will be on their deathbed without a cure due to the squelching of potential cures for the sake of enabling the ongoing sales of their drug trade. But being a decent human being, I would wish that on no one…

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