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Predictions for 2011 Fulfilled – Watts-ington DC


Two days ago, Whitley Strieber and I taped our annual “feet to the fire” interview concerning the accuracy of my e-book Predictions for 2011. The “Dreamland” show will air in a continual, month-long feed at starting the weekend of the 20th or the 27th of August. In the meantime, I am presenting today blog entries from as far back a year ago and also quotes from my almanac of predictions published on 21 December 2010 that foresaw today’s crisis in leadership in Washington DC.

On 7 July 2010, I posted the following about Barack Obama’s oncoming crisis of leadership that would result in a mid-term election referendum undermining trust in government itself in the United States. A Mandate of Anger would decapitate US credibility as a leader of the world for the next two years.

My oracle’s message was inspired by astrological prophecy. History is under the influence of a powerful aspect of the ruler of the new Age of Aquarius, Uranus. This ruler of revolution and/or chaos has worked to undermine Obama’s pretenses as a ruler of change. The following prediction posted in July of last year (see Uranus in Retrograde) was the beginning of what my oracle would later formulate at the end of 2010 as a definition of government in Washington DC in 2011. My oracle’s following message to President Obama was written over a year ago, four months before the midterm elections; yet, is reads like it was written today, as if in retrospect:

Barack Obama, if you go forward without seeing how backward your ideas of change are rapidly becoming to what really needs changing in America then your slogan, “Change we can believe in,” will soon become, “Chaos we can disbelieve in.”

Uranus rules chaos and disorder as well as change and revolution. Uranus in retrograde while Saturn is exalted in Libra (read: balanced and more conservative reality checks) means ill-conceived, advancing Fool over-the-brink liberal progress, leads to political chaos for those in power in Washington.

The American people will feel leaderless and unheard by those left or right leaning ideologues living inside the Washington, lobbyist-rich elitist loving, political bubble. A future that was almost lost is coming closer. It gathers in the momentum of national frustration and rising anger of the American people against their president, state governors and federal legislators. If the disconnection deepens it may lead to anger as a national referendum of disdain against the governing system.

Or worse…

In this alternative future, the Americans will shout something loud and destructive on 2 November with ballots flying. They may not intend it, but a vote to throw most incumbents out – the good, the bad and the ugly with the baby and the bathwater – could happen.

The angry American voter under incautious Uranus-in-retrograde chaos may fill the Gubernatorial seats of state capitals and Congress with a mob of demagogues pronouncing change as a force of political hysteria without leadership, focus or coherency. The new legislators will, to paraphrase Elrond [of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings], govern the country for the next two years in a Congress that is “scatterbrained, divided, leaderless.”

Americans might send the politically infantile and extremely eccentric to flush out the old wood. Yes, it would be a change. Chaos is change.

Americans could see an even more dysfunctional government as a result for the next 2 years – one that represents the state of the voting public: pissed off, grasping for straw votes, reaching out to swipe somebody without coherency or plan. Not conservatism or liberalism but a Uranian retrograde nasty surprise: tear-it-all-down-ism.

Uranus in Retrograde: Chaos we can believe in
HogueProphecy Bulletin 7 July 2010

The oracle in forecasts for 2011, published 21 December 2010, had this to say about what actually was and is the 112th Congress we have had to endure for a half-year and counting:

This is the future before us: the 112th Congress convenes its first session on 3 January of 2011 with houses divided: the Republicans grabbing 67 seats and a large majority in the House. The Democrats by retaining a slim 53-seat majority – including two left-leaning independents – in the Senate.

What we have coming is gridlock. President and Democrat Senators can’t advance liberal agendas without a sixty-seat majority. House Republicans won’t completely dismantle Obama’s Health Care legislation due to the fact they don’t have the Senate. They’ll put on a good demonstration because killing “Obamacare” was a major Tea Party campaign pledge. The Republican-Tea Party coalition in the House can and will hobble those progressive-socialist parts of the plan the medical insurance lobbies couldn’t get cut by withholding Health Care financing.

What happens when an angry mass of people feel like their lives are stuck in neutral by perceived symbols of power oppression. If they aren’t heard, if they aren’t able to move forward, they can riot.

Washington DC becomes Watts-sington DC in 2011.

Prepare for a political riot on the beltway in the chambers of Congress.

… Firebrands thrown into the halls of Congress or at the façade of the White House are not what I’m talking about for 2011. The capital of the United States won’t burn like Watts. (Not yet, at least, although I foresee such things as possible in less than a decade if Americans don’t manage a way off this future timeline.) The violence is far more subtle in 2011. It won’t be targeting brick or building but the ability to govern this country. The breakdown of the political system into polarized partisanship in 2011 of an intensity not yet known in our already polarized body politic will create the climate for real rioting in the streets of America.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 2: Wattsington DC

The oracle then turned its augured attention on the Tea Party members of the Congress representing an American people in 2011 who will want to make two plus two equal five.

Americans want the Tea Party to reduce federal government spending by the trillions. Equally they expect somebody out there who throws pies in the sky to cook up and drop down trillions of dollars needed to rebuild the infrastructure, achieve energy independence from Middle Eastern terrorized states, wean off oil, and oh! let’s also build 25 nuclear power plants in a decade. We’ll somehow do all this huge investment heavy lifting while paying off the oncoming debt apocalypse without raising taxes. Indeed, math scores in America have fallen far below the top ten educated countries – 25th to be exact.

My oracle observes America and sends this message:

You are like children. You want it all – your cake and eat it too. You want a smaller government but more government aid and stimulus for jobs.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 2: Wattsington DC

We get the democracy we vote for. An ungovernable people send to Washington an ungovernable government where cuts are expected without impact or consequence. Sort of like what children expect out of life. Like wanting our cake and eating it too, Americans want our deficit spending ways cut but we will not “eat” the consequences too. We want to cut spending but not raise revenues. No country in history has erased a deficit without doing both. Two plus two equals “four” not an idiot’s “high-five” with the math.

Next, my oracle returned to the key astrological events of the first half of 2011 that would see movement and potential progress in a gridlocked government.

Uranus (change) moves at last out of illusory Pisces back into (get to business, take a jump) Aries in mid-March 2011. The collective urge to blaze new trails will be in its first fresh degrees of a new sign. This is when the Republican-Tea Party rebellion will be pushing hardest their agendas in a Wattsington riot mode, yet starting in July and lasting nearly the rest of 2011, riotous political action will be stalled in the aftermath of political “capital” burned down around them.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 2: Wattsington DC

March was indeed the time when early on in the opening months of the congressional session, platitudes of collegial bi-partisan promises from the Left and the Right of the bench in the Senate and the House of Representatives began butting Donkeycratic and Dumbopublican heads. All of this, as the months of ire and ideological head butting dragged on refereed with extreme ideological prejudice by a “Mad Hatter” from the Tea Party or two at White House meetings with President Obama, leading at one point to the president famously getting up from his chair and leaving the room.

The US Capitol building remains standing but in July, as forecast, after the partisan rioting, the political “capital” of Republican, Tea Party and Democrat credibility for Congress and the President remains “burned down around them” all.

Yet my oracle closed the chapter on Wattsington DC still holding hope for my own desire for bi-partisan progress in the second half of 2011 — though with an ironic coda — when it added:

The American people will pressure the gridlockers to stop shooting ideology at each other and get things done for the people. Their rage spent, the second half of 2011 might enjoy legislators on both sides picking up the pieces, mending political fences, rebuilding bipartisan bridges, putting out the shop fires and replacing the broken windows, as it were, striving to forge common ground legislation.

A majority of Americans aren’t into vandalizing the government. They want it to function, move forward, though my Oracle wonders if rioters can be men and women of reason. It wonders if I am a fool to hope otherwise. How can bipartisanship occur in the second half of 2011 when the malarial campaign fever for 2012 begins its infection?

Dream on, John Hogue, dream on…

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 2: Wattsington DC

A majority of Americans want a bi-partisan solution. A special congressional commission was appointed after the debt ceiling in the 11th hour was lifted before the nation defaulted on its debt. The committee of house and senate members is charged with looking at spending cuts and revenue solutions to be presented to the government in late November. Already there is partisan pledges, coming from the Right forcing Republican and Tea Party members to swear against raising taxes before negotiations begin. No doubt Democrat appointed members would swear passive aggressively not to cut spending to entitlements. With such renewed childishness of “my way or the highway” pledges already placed, the second half of 2011 rightfully, it seems, had my oracle back at the end of last year saying I and by extension all Americans can “dream on” about mature progress in Washington.

For this dream to become a reality, it will need the American people to wake up and see that their government is a reflection of their own disconnection with political and financial realities.

Wake up, Americans. Another civil war is approaching with secession of states and far worse, a violent unraveling of American society. There is still time left in this year, and in this decade to turn the course of America’s future away from the civil Balkanization of the country that waits for us just a few years down time’s trail, potentially poised to pounce somewhere around the corner of the next decade.

John Hogue
(13 August 2011)

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