Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Coming World War 3 | Prophecy in the News


The end times are here we are in the birthing pains which are stated in Matthew 24 an also Luke 21 ,either the one world order is the fourth beast or the Vatican because in Daniel the four beasts are 4 kingdoms the fourth kingdom its says will be different from all the other kingdoms

From Daniel, Ezekiel, NT, it is clearly shown that in the last days, World War 3 will be started by the king of the South represented by Israel or Egypt. When Israel attack the king of the North represented by Iran (head of the former Persian empire), then all hell will break loose. After the 4th Seal is opened, 1/4 of all mankind will be killed by wars with the deployment of WMD, greatest earthquakes ever with subsequent extremely huge tsunamis, pestilences and famines. The end is at hand. The 4th Seal was opened on the 3rd February 2011, in the midst of riots in Cairo, Egypt. Be ready to face the coming prophecies as recorded in OT, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Revelation, etc. before the opening of the 5th Seal (The period of the Great Tribulation) and then the 6th Seal (Rapture).#1 I believe the USA will be part of the anti-christ's kingdom,along with Europe.There will be those who say 'who can make war with him[the anti-christ]'.Who can defeat our army,and our allies?Not even Russia and China.#2 A war between us and these two powers would result in the collapse of the world's economy as we know it.This would usher in the perfect opportunity for the anti-christ to step in,along with a one world economic system.#3 Has anyone really taken notice as to what we(the USA)is doing?We have taken out a number of regimes that are renegade,helped Africa and the Middle East to unify under treaties and alliances,and have done more to unify the world than any other nation in history.The two main countries that would be opposed to a one world system,Russia and China are in our we really have to look that hard to see that the USA is pushing for this 'one unified world'? A war against the USA by Russia and China would be a long,bloody war but let us not forget that in the seven seals,it is revealed that there will be a war-not the battle of Armaggedon-but a war that will precede it,and will follow a great economic depression(the prior seal).No-the USA will not 'lose'this war,per se.The world will lose,as it pushes us toward the kingdom of the anti-christ.

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