Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cure the illness, not the symptoms


I’ll leave the commentary to others. This is how you cure the illness.

  • Apprenticeships- Genuine recognised trades that bring secure employment. Not useless certificates. No apprenticeship, no job. Works in Germany
  • Restrict unemployment benefit – 12 months from leaving school and you are on your own. Apprenticeships available in manufacturing. No work, no dole.
  • Restrict welfare to single parents – Sorry guys, the family unit gets priority on State housing. Your sprog by some errant scrote, your problem. Not mine
  • Restricted benefits to those with criminal records. Stuff it, I’m tired of paying Danegeld to you to behave yourself if you refuse to behave yourself.
  • Lower tax for married couples – The family that plays together, stays together.
  • End “entitlement”. Earn it, stop demanding it from me.
  • Lower taxes - The best way to put money in peoples pockets is to leave it there in the first place.
  • Minimise the State – Your are an individual, do not hide behind the “collective”. Take responsibility instead of blaming others.
  • Hold Politicians accountable for their actions, just like company directors. Fuck it up and you’ll go to jail
  • Equality of opportunity – that means if you want what others have, you have the opportunity to earn it, not steal it or simply demand it.

It won’t happen. Our wise and wonderful Politicians just have a new excuse to tear it down and rebuild it just as badly.

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