Thursday, 11 August 2011

Flash alert: Fed lays an egg! Banks crashing!


Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.


If you missed our Market Armageddon video which we released just BEFORE this new market disaster began, you definitely must NOT miss it now that the disaster has begun to strike in FULL force!

Look at what just happened a few minutes ago:

The Fed had its meeting this morning. And the Fed just made its “big” announcement.

But instead of giving investors what they prayed and hoped for, the Fed laid an egg:

No new initiatives to save the stock market! No new quantitative easing to save the economy. Just the same old maybe-this-maybe-that statements typical of the Fed.

Of course the Fed left the door open for major new money-pumping efforts down the road. But for those who wanted instant gratification today, there was nothing new.

And this is DESPITE the fact that the entire country is virtually coming unglued at its seams:

* The Dow crashed 634 points yesterday, the biggest drop since the great debt crisis of three years ago. Today’s rally, based on hopes of Fed action, was small by comparison.

* Gold soared to $1,783 an ounce overnight, a gain of another 3.5%! The yellow metal is now up more than $200 in just the past month … and almost $600 in the past year!

* Safe haven currencies like the Swiss franc and Japanese yen have exploded in value against the buck! A dollar now buys just 73 Swiss centimes, compared with 1.17 francs last spring.

* Bank stocks have been annihilated! Our government spent hundreds of billions of dollars bailing out megabanks like Bank of America, American International Group, Citigroup, and more. Now, B of A has plunged to levels not seen since April 2009 … Citi has been cut in half in just seven months … and AIG is at its lowest level in 18 months.

* Real estate stocks are getting crushed — REITs collapsing at a rate we haven’t seen since 2008 … builders like Pulte Group falling to a fresh 11-plus-year low … and mortgage insurers — the companies on the hook when homeowners default — running out of capital and on the verge of shutting down.

* Bonds tanking: In just a few short days, the junk bond market has given up every penny of gains racked up since last spring and muni bonds are falling because of imminent downgrades.

All this leaves you with just two choices: You can do nothing and allow Washington and Wall Street to destroy your hard-earned wealth. Or you can take urgent action to protect it — and PROFIT — from these dynamic market moves.

Kevin Kerr’s Master Trader members
are already making big money on these moves!

Overall, even though Kevin’s Master Trader service is only a few weeks old, he has already instructed his members to take the following profits (minus commissions):

  • 54.2% on the first half of our gold position in 12 days.
  • 69.6% in the first half of our bet on falling bank stocks (in just 11 days).
  • 101.8% on the second half of that position in just 12 days. That’s more than a DOUBLE in less than two weeks!
  • 196.7% on the second half of our gold position in just 17 days!

And now, new investment recommendations

Right now, Kevin is preparing to release a whole new set of investment recommendations he says could generate even greater profits — solid new bets on gold, falling U.S. financial stocks and more.

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The great news is, Kevin has just put the finishing touches on a new eye-opening video designed to help you profit handsomely — whether you choose to join Master Trader or not!

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Good luck and God bless!


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