Saturday, 13 August 2011

Flash alert: Giant bank crashing! What to do …


Kevin Kerr

One of the world’s largest banks — Société Générale — is rumored to be failing.

Its shares have just crashed down 23%.

The cost of insuring it against default has surged into the stratosphere.

The markets are virtually signing its death warrant.

And it’s not alone: Italy’s UniCredit is plunging again. BNP Paribas is down 11% … Intesa Sanpaolo down has plunged 13% … Credit Agricole has crashed down 15% — all in a single session!

Overall, European bank stocks have just suffered their steepest drop since May of 2009, and the bloodletting in banks is killing stocks across the globe.

Meanwhile, investor blood is flowing knee-deep on Wall Street as well. At noon today, the Dow was down over 400 points — a 3.8% loss.

And gold — the world’s ultimate crisis hedge — has just surged to $1,800 per ounce.

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