Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Spinelessly Excusing Evil


... begets more evil.
Another domino is falling in the progressive era as coddled youth take to the streets in London and elsewhere across Britain to loot and destroy while the progressives talk in long-outdated terms.


I spent some time last night perusing the BBC and Telegraph live blogs of the rampages and it struck me that the context was still that of 19th century class warfare, the staple of the left. The standard trope was that they were getting back at the bankers and the rich and the exploiters and all of the normal semi-Marxist rubbish.
Police brutality was the excuse for this wave of vandalism and violence as the cops shot and killed some guy during a police action. No serious person can cling to those explanations. These weren't factory workers whose comrades were being maimed in dangerous jobs as they worked 14-hour days for a pittance. They weren't subject to random arrest and police beatings. They weren't illiterate beggars who had been abandoned by society. There was no sign of oppression or poverty or a lack of education that is the foundation of modern, progressive theology. It was just looting for fun.
Some other, random thoughts.

  • In the first video, dig how the cops just stand by and let the rioters throw things at them and burn things. Confronted with evil, they back off.
  • I wonder how well the insurance companies will pay off. The insurance companies have lots of investments that aren't doing so well these days, thanks to the bankruptcy caused by the Eurosocialists who spent their money coddling these parasites. The underlying security blanket was that every other time they had stolen or smashed, their victims had magically repaired themselves. That's not going to go on forever as the magic behind the rebuilding is running out.
  • Some of the videos resembled those from the Blitz in 1940. London firefighters hosing down burned out buildings. Where was the modern-day RAF chasing away and defeating the enemy? Grounded for sensitivity training, no doubt.
  • Can you remain a progressive after these parasites burn down your home or business? When do you grow a backbone and call this what it is?
  • What did the rioters learn from this? I didn't see much in the way of deterrence to prevent another one of these.
  • In the live blogs I read, there were cases where Muslim shops were spared because gangs of Muslim youths stood guard. Hmmm. Someone's got a spine.
  • When do the vigilante gangs start forming?

This will stop when it can't go on any longer. That day is getting very, very close.

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