Sunday, 14 August 2011

Stop feeding the beasts


Oh dear. The looters who attempted to destroy their communities are facing eviction from their Social housing if they are convicted. The first eviction order has just gone out to a family in Wandsworth and the Internetz is kicking off.
Social housing is provided at great cost to the taxpayer to provide a safe and stable base for citizens who would otherwise be unable to rent privately or purchase a property of their own. At no point does it become “their home”, it is rented from us, the people, at greatly subsidised rates.
Quite why a looter, who took the conscious choice to destroy and steal from those who are subsidising his very housing, expects me to continue to provide for him is beyond my comprehension. It is the most BASIC of parenting skills. You break it, you buy another.
Families were made homeless by these ferals. Who then go back to their addresses subsidised by the very people they have made homeless and wait for their bills to be paid by me.
Today, hundreds have appeared in Court to face the music. At Westminster magistrates, the beak had to stop one case when a 14 year old girl arrived with no parents and no bus fare home again. I repeat, WE sponsored that. The useless state nurtured that child instead of her feckless parents and whilst we paid for it.
No. Hold the looters and those who raised them to loot to account. Take the power away from the State to grant them further “entitlements” whilst demanding my money. They are demanding I house them whilst they would burn down MY house!
Forced to pay private rents or buy, chances are they will be forced to find employment- like the rest of us. Responsibility. Problem solved. Get Nanny State off their backs and kick these bastards off the publically funded sofa.
40 years of handing people what they don’t deserve got us here in the first place. Stop feeding the beast, it bites.

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