Saturday, 6 August 2011

The survival of the fittest.


I'll leave the rest of Twitter and the blogosphere to argue over the death penalty, suffice to say that Libertarians don't ask the State to kill people.
Moving on, I notice that the Stock market has just dumped 3% of its value today alone and gold has put on 5.5% in two weeks.
There is, of course, a reason for this. Something politicians cannot spin or control. The public knows that something is afoot. We are more informed than we have ever been. We seek our information in places we trust instead of being slowly spoon fed what those who rule us choose to tell us. And the truth is beginning to unravel.
There is no money, only "faith" in money. It isn't supported by rare and precious metals anymore and we know now that when pushed, central banks will simply invent more of it to postpone the day when they have to admit the emperors are naked. And it's coming. Ask the Greeks.
I read stories that the "public" are going to suffer and our living standards are going to head back to the seventies. In other words, 40 years of political lies have finally caught up with us and we are no richer than we were back then.
Good. Bring it on. Some sanity. Some reason.
I remember when "poor but honest" was a virtue. I remember a time when a household had ONE tv, ONE car (if any) and when a holiday was something enjoyed by a family once a year. I remember when meals were cooked and then eaten at a table by the family.
I am currently on holiday with my six kids, plus a couple of others, in the UK. A cost saving measure? Certainly. I would need to buy 5 passports (exit visas) to travel abroad with them and I refuse to hand over the best part of £500 for permission from the State to take my children abroad, so we're currently on the Norfolk Broads, in a rented riverfront villa.
My children are messing about in boats, camping in the garden, fishing, hiking. They are not glued to mobile phones, PS2's or facebook. Meals are bought at the market and cooked by a team, eager to prove they CAN cook, that they CAN plan and prepare what is required, in advance.
I am not alone in thinking that there is about to be a very serious blip in the matrix. Families (what little of them that remains) are going to be utterly fucked when it goes tits up. The unemployed are going to lose their "human right" to own a car, an Xbox, Nike trainers and a mobile phone because there is simply not going to be the money to finance it when we decide that the paper issued by governments is not worth anything. Tax credits? State pensions? Fine. Russia used to issue them as well whilst massive queues formed outside shops selling anything of real value that could be easily transported.
In our rush to own it all, we allowed those who promised us the world to make up the money they would use to pay for it all. We are not any richer, we just have bigger debts - and as you know, debt is slavery.
Remember, when the shit hits the fan, three things count. Property, energy, food. If in doubt, ask your ancestors. They knew this which is why you exist. Their cravings were not for designer handbags but making sure the family could eat and stay warm through the winter.
I am shortly selling up, converting whatever cash I have to gold or silver, getting rid of my properties in delusional UK and heading for somewhere I can thrive. One acre of land for me, one acre for some livestock and wealth I can easily transport. I suggest you all get yourselves a plan B because we are indeed about to be tested. Do your ancestors a favour and make sure you survive - trust me, that subscription to the gym or the tanning salon count for nothing in the great scheme of survival of the fittest.

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