Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Time to grow up


You will hear much talk in the next few days about responsibility. The responsibility of parents, teachers, the individual to behave and “do the right thing”
I’m sorry, the horse has not just bolted, but has long since been at the knackers yard. Since the 1960’s, the left and the authoritarian right have empowered anyone BUT the individual. I use this analogy often, but just stop and look in the room around you. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING in the room is not monitored, registered, measured or licensed by the all powerful State.
I still sit and wonder how we got here. Naturally, I reject the interfering state but I know I am in a tiny minority. Most of the population are quite happy to sit back and let the farmer look after the details whilst they graze on tax credits and look forward to £2000 a year gas bills and two weeks in Tenerife.
There won’t be a sea change. Politicians will spout their usual nonsense and grasp the opportunity to inflict yet more of their policies on us. Our liberties will be curtailed yet more, the State will begin measuring and monitoring the flock with an ever greater zeal and the farmer will pay a little more attention to the condition of the paddock but there’ll be no real change. We are too far gone and no one will say a damned thing.
The riots were not political, they were envy and greed. You have what I want, so I will take it. If I cannot have what you have, I will destroy it. You have given me every opportunity to have what you have, but you have also given me every opportunity to not bother. You paid me to go to school and fail. You paid me to stay at home on the sofa all day and fail. You will pay for my housing, my taxes, my heating and my beer. I will repay you with spite and destruction. It is my right. I am equal to you. You cannot touch me because I have chosen to be “deprived” but I can threaten, rob and steal from you because you gave me a label that says I can have anything I damn well like.
So, the much lauded “equality” that we have built over the past 50 years is nothing more than an excuse to be feckless and lawless and have others rebuild what you have torn down in a fit of jealous rage. And it’s my fault, of course.
Here’s the plan. You get nothing. You want it, go and get it with hard work, application, self discipline, ambition, pride and self respect. You will not get a “certificate” for trying, you will not have your bills paid by me “to get you started”. You are entitled to nothing from me. You will stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your own life. You will not rely on the endless handouts of hardworking taxpayers, you will not beg Politicians for a bigger slice of the cake you refuse to help bake and you will not cling to the apron strings of the State whilst throwing tantrums because others might have what you do not.
It’s time to tell our children of the State to grow up and get on with it. Kindergarten is now closed. And that includes the fucking bankers.


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