Friday, 12 August 2011

The Age of Abundance is coming to an End



Guest post: by ‘Be informed’

I was thinking about the feast-or-famine thought patterns
that most people have, and how they have the same pattern of shear
ignorance of gobbling up all of the resources of the planet without any
regard for what the consequences are. These people do not prepare for
anything, and then expect people to come to their aid when a disaster strikes,
by people who have prepared. These ass monkeys spend resources living it up
while those that have planned for survival have to bail them out.

The age of abundance and irresponsible waste is coming to an abrupt
end soon. For people to make it now, they have found that they must cut
back and economize. During a true survival situation, the bad habits of
over consumption and extravagance must end, or a person will not make
it, period. A survivalist has to practice making what they have last
as long as possible. Someone does not make hamburger out of a cow that
can produce year long milk products for example.

The waste generation has impregnated the notion of ONLY living for the
moment, that everything you need will always be there, and overindulge
on the land of plenty is OK. This attitude has lead to resource
depletion that has put the Earth’s “necessary for survival” resources
at reduced levels, levels that should not have been reached for
decades (example: oil). This unconcerned gluttony has allowed a big fat
ballooned debt that is primed for popping. This squandering has put most
of the population completely unprepared for any type of future dire survival

The cycle of excess consumption during times of surplus has to stop. For
example, if there is ever again a mega price drop in the price of oil,
people can keep those prices down longer by not falling into the same
idiotic TRAP of buying gas guzzling vehicles. Those gas hogs drive up
oil demand and the price of oil, and the misery when the cycle repeats
itself when the oil price goes back up. The old saying of putting away
for a rainy day needs to make a comeback, and be exercised so that
people can make it through perilous times.

Waste and gluttony are taboo for the person that calls themselves a
modern day survivalist. To exhaust resources on frivolous desires,
both personal and from the environment, makes a true survival person
that wisely rations and saves for when there is actual need,
absolutely cringe inside. Someone with a canteen of water traveling
across a desert does not pour all the water over their head to get
some temporary comfort. Frittering away valuable resources that are
not renewable truly makes just about the same amount of sense.

One of the basic philosophies of actual survival is putting into action
the act of using ONLY what you need, and putting away what you have
extra for times when you cannot get what you need from the sources
that everyone is so accustomed to.

Ken adds: I share the general philosophy that ‘spending money today like there’s no tomorrow’, or using too many of of one’s available resources, is unwise, and detrimental to one’s financial health. I don’t know how many people I’ve witnessed around me that have lived high on the hog during the good times, and since have been thrown off. The old saying, ‘save for a rainy day’, applies during good times and bad…

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