Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Philadelphia Flash Mobs, Rampage 2011



Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter: Anyone under 18 in those areas must now be off the streets by 9 PM. Change in the city’s curfew for two key areas — Center City and University City — on Friday and Saturday nights.

Some say that social networks like Twitter and Facebook, more and more so-called flash mobs are materializing across the globe, leaving police scrambling to keep tabs on the ‘spontaneous assemblies’. In London, recent rioting and looting has been blamed in part on groups of youths using Twitter, mobile phone text messages and instant messaging on BlackBerry to organize and keep a step ahead of police.

Flash mobs have reappeared on the streets of Philadelphia – Center City where groups of youths gravitate to a designated location at an appointed time. Once there, they become a mob that gathers force as it roams the streets, wreaking havoc on businesses while terrifying and sometimes attacking pedestrians.

They are roving groups of teenagers, flash mobs of Philadelphia, out to steal, assault, and destroy. Sometimes, the lawless acts of the flash mobs are spontaneous. Other times, they’re planned and premeditated.

“They’re 12 years old and not around the corner from their home. Where’s their parent?” said Chitwood, the Upper Darby police chief. “If they’re out doing flash mob thefts when they’re 12, what the hell are they going to be doing when they’re 16?”

social chaos is spreading

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