Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Thuggery, Violence, Riots in London and Beyond



The UK is in the grip of massive youth violence on an unprecedented scale. What makes this scary was the fact it started in daylight and many of the youth were between 12-22. Most had faces covered but some didn’t even bother to cover up. This was social unrest for the sake of it. NOT about politics, unemployment, poverty or race.

Looting was wide spread with whole streets looted. With police stretched beyond the ability to control events many fires were set for fun. Cars, homes and shops were set on fire with no regard for life. London was worst hit with multiple riots but it also spread in Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol.

This morning the full extent of damage was staggering and shameful. People were trying to defend their homes, and shops but were brutally attacked. People fled, leaving mobs free to rob people, loot homes and shops. Troubling times ahead. Concerts and soccer matches have been suspended in London and tonight there will be a massive police presence on the streets.

The Metropolitan Police have begun their biggest ever criminal operation after three nights during which groups of youths burned buildings and cars on London streets. At least 525 people have been arrested since Saturday evening.

Riots have also taken place in other English cities, including Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Rioters were showing police and “the rich” that “we can do what we want”
People forced to strip naked in the street as rioters stole clothes and rifled through bags as people made their way home.
Interactive Riot Map

The violence has come after a protest in Tottenham on Saturday, following the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan, 29, on Thursday. Duggan was killed on Thursday night during a police operation in north London. He was shot dead by a Scotland Yard firearms officer. Initially it was said that he died following an exchange of fire with officers. Duggan’s firearm, a blank-firing weapon which had been converted, was apparently not fired at the police. However it is believed that he did draw the gun. The riots in Tottenham on Saturday started after a vigil for Duggan was held at the local police station. Since then it has spread to all corners of London.

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